ICS expertly erects, dismantles, modifies and transports many different systems belonging to a diverse client base. We often join forces with other contractors to complete large-scale projects. To compliment these turnkey operation services, ICS also fabricates structural components and modifications and provides electrical modifications, repairs, upgrades and qualified engineering for our clients and their structural, mechanical and electrical needs.

ICS owns multiple heavy-lift and transport systems which can be utilized individually to best fit each unique challenge, ensuring the project is completed in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective manner. We specifically operate a strand jack and lifting system which is comprised of proprietary heavy-lift steel plate box girders and steel truss towers. We also provide an option to employ a modular jacking and rail system for effective lifts and relocations. In addition, ICS also owns a fleet of Self-Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT) units which are considered the most powerful and flexible heavy-lift movers in the world.


  • STS Cranes
    • Raising, lowering, roll-backs and transports
  • RTG Cranes
    • Raising, lowering, and transports
  • Overhead Bridge Cranes
    • Raising and transports
  • Ship and Barge Hulls
    • Flipping, lifting and transports
  • Energy Vessels
    • Lifting and transports
  • Engineering, Surveying and Inspections
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • And more